EnDuro Ice - Tear resistance of film - Printable like paper

EnDuro Ice - Tear resistance of film - Printable like paper

ENDURO Ice has the classy appearance and elegant feel of transparent paper but enables a host of new applications due to the film core inside.

  • Calendar cover sheets – that do not become wavy
  • Book covers and banderoles – that are tear resistant
  • Insert sheets – that do not tear out or protrude due to moisture
  • Transparent envelopes – that do not tatter in the sorting plant
  • Packages – translucent in an elegant and sophisticated design
  • Covers and folders – cool look and feel combined with perfect functionality

Products made of ENDURO are durable and hard-wearing. This is made possible by a special material composite with a core of foil surrounded by two layers of paper. This way ENDURO combines the best properties of paper and foil: It can be processed like paper, printed and written on perfectly.


Due to the multilayer product structure, ENDURO offers in many cases an inexpensive and ecologically sustainable alternative to synthetic papers.